A Comparison Of Nicholas And The American Restoration Movement

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Allen Diles, in A Comparison of Nicholas of Pelhrimov and the Taborite Restoration with Alexander Campbell and the American Restoration Movement, attempts to relate religious movements that occurred more than four centuries apart: the Taborite Restoration and the American Restoration. Further focus is place on the leaders of these movements, Nicholas of Pelhrimov and Alexander Campbell. A connection between these two men is scarcely made; moreover, many students of religion are ignorant to the existence of the Taborite Restoration and Nicholas of Pelhrimov. Diles’ endeavor to connect these men and the reformation movements they were involved in was lucrative, as it connected a semi-modern movement with a little known medieval movement, but his presentation of the connection between these movements prevents the connection from emerging in a manner as compelling as it possibly could have. Diles composes his article in response to the neglect of the Hussite movement, of which the Taborites formed the radical wing of, in modern times and the often exclusion of Nicholas of Pelhrimov, an individual whom he feels was critical, when the Hussite movement is studied. In his thesis, Diles states, “Although Nicholas himself is obscure to Americans and among scholars of the Stone-Campbell Movement, the Taborite movement is rarely mentioned, and examination of Nicholas and his movement reveals striking similarities in thought, if not in form, between the medieval Taborite reform and that

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