A Comparison Of Popular Music In The 1980s

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The music world had many changes in 1975. Tony was not really a fan of popular music. His preferences strayed from the pop to the bands he had enjoyed in past years: Traffic, Eric Clapton, Blind Faith, Beck, Bogert & Appice; Jefferson Airplane (renamed to Jefferson Starship); Steely Dan; & King Crimson. Bob Marley and the Wailers became one of his favorite bands that year. Though he still enjoyed Fleetwood Mac, Tony lamented the addition of Stevie Nicks, whom he called a whiner who could not sing, and the departure of Bob Welch. Tony's favorite movies from 1975: Barry Lyndon (He was a HUGE fan of Stanley Kubrick.); A Boy and His Dog (This is a movie which I SHOULD NOT HAVE SHARED WITH YOU! Apparently, I didn't remember how lewd and vulgar
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