A Comparison Of Porphyry 's ' Pythagoras Life ' And Comments On Euclid 's Elements

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Porphyry was born in AD 233. He is Phoenician Neo-Platonism philosopher and mathematician. His parents are Greek. His last name is Malchus, it means king. Porphyry is his nickname. It was named by his Athens teacher Kassios Longinos. It means purple. Alluding to the king’s robe. Kassios also taught him rhetoric and grammar. Porphyry went to Rome in AD 262. He learned Neo-Platonism from Plotinos for six years. When Plotinos died, Porphyry helped his teacher Plotinos sort out his works, and wrote a biography of Plotinus. He also has a very important position in the history of mathematics because of his Greek book “Pythagoras life” and comments on Euclid’s “Elements”. His “Introduction to Aristotle Category articles” has been used as a standard textbook logic after his death in a thousand years. In his later years, he married Marcella who is a widow with seven children, she is an enthusiastic of philosophy. Porphyry wrote “Introduction to Aristotle Category articles”during treatment of depression. It wrote to his student to explain it. The book was very popular in the middle ages. It was regarded as authoritative for centuries. The basic philosophical framework medieval nominalist and it 's a debate about the problem of universals is based on Plato and Aristotle 's metaphysical thought, however, the real total phase, whether it exists on a certain metaphysical questions as to mention out of the reality of the questioning Puffy force us in this book for species common phase.

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