A Comparison Of Shakespeare In High School

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In this essay I will be arguing that shakespeare should be taught in High School. In my opinion, I think that William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in the 9th grade curriculum should be taught because it relates to teenagers during this part of their life as they are going through love, jealously, and etc.. The three topics of which teenagers begin to experience during the beginning of their High School education. As William Shakespeare once said, “Nice and easy does it; those that run too fast will fall”. Just like 9th graders wanting to experience it all too fast without understanding what Shakespeare is trying to get across to the reader. In this paragraph I will show how shakespeare relates to teenagers feeling at this age. In my other paragraph I will be explaining how William became famous all over the world. My third paragraph with be an counter argument. I will be talking to you about William Shakespeare and how it relates to teens and their feelings . I will now show you two quotes that ties back to me argument that Shakespeare should be taught in school. William says in romeo and juliet “ Did my heart love till now? Forswear it sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” This is an example of love, this shows how people feel when they first see that one girl that has taken there heart. This ties back to some teenagers because when they first go into high school they see that one girl that they have dream about and they will do anything to see her
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