A Comparison Of The Conflict Between Israel And Palestine

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Conflict between Israel and Palestine has led to wars, injuries, and massacres. These two countries have argued and fought for decades, ever since 1917. Both countries have been through many tough moments and bombings. The major disagreement is the fact that both countries fight over land. Each side of argument has a "right and wrong" effect. In recent events, the number of stabbings have been increased by the month, and has been seen, as an organized terror attack.
The most ancient conflict in the Middle East is between the state of Israel, and the Palestinian authority. This conflict is actually easy to explain, but hard to solve. If you really want to dive in, and better understand the core of the problem, we need to go back in time, to about 1917, when the British government ruled the area, and decided to support the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people. As result, Jews from Europe immediately began to immigrate to Israel. As a reaction, Arabs demanded to stop the Jewish immigration, and later started to attack Israeli towns. Arabs wanted
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One of Palestine's leaders, Mahmoud Abbas does not have a lot of supporters that favor him. He's seen as a useless and ineffective with having a poor influence on Israel. He wants the intensity of the conflict to abate, but other Palestinian leaders don't seem willing to follow his lead. A politician from Palestine told them, "stop stuttering and start acting.", meaning that no one should let the violence continue but to put an end to it. Even though there have been a recent attack of stabbings, that is only a select few but the majority of Palestinians are good and try to solve the problems between the Israelis and Palestinians. The Palestinians have had many issues with the Israelites but are now working to solve the problems so they both do not have any more wars or
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