A Comparison Of The Fairy Version Of Beauty And The Beast

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In 1740, Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot De Villeneuve wrote the first official version of the fairytale, “Beauty and the Beast”, which was translated from her original French title “La Belle et la Beta”. In reality, Villeneuve’s version is the original fairytale, although, many people believe that either Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont’s version would be the authentic one, and others that also believe that there had been similar versions prior to Villeneuve’s writing. “Beauty and the Beast” is a short fairytale about a prince who is given a curse that turned him into a Beast because of how he had rejected an old, unattractive fairy’s proposal to marry her. She then was so furious towards the rejection that she set that curse on him. Then, in the fairytale, there is a girl, Beauty, who happens to be the youngest daughter of a merchant who is set to give up his life after he had pulled a rose from the Beast’s garden to deliver to Beauty, but instead Beauty decided to take his place and she was set to live the rest of her life in the castle with the Beast. After some time, Beauty agrees to marry the Beast which then causes the curse to no longer exist, turning him back into prince he used to be. This fairytale has also been turned into a film a few times, the most famously know is the 1991 Disney animated version that was directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, starring Paige O’Hara, as Belle (Beauty), and Robby Benson, as the Beast. In both the 1991 film by Trousdale and the original fairytale story by Villeneuve, there are a few differences from the meaning of the rose, to characters being added or taken away, to the actual spell that is cursed on the prince. Villeneuve uses personification, love, and feministic traits to demonstrate how Beauty chose to stay with the Beast on her own recognizance. Villeneuve’s original version of the fairytale has many differences from the film that Disney produced with Trousdale and Wise back in 1991. One of the biggest differences has to be the meaning of the rose. Jennifer Konerman, writer for The Hollywood Reporter, in the animated film, the rose stands for the amount of time the Beast has to find someone to truly love him and break the spell, but if the rose
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