A Comparison Of The Film Mulholland Dr.

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Sunset Boulevard was one of the first films to cover the gray area between glory and the fall of a celebrity, but not the only one. Borrowing many plot points from this film, a lesser known 2001 neo-noir movie Mulholland Dr. tells the story of a young starlet named Diane (or Betty, in Diane’s dream) who orders the killing of her girlfriend Camilla (or Rita), who got the role Diane auditioned for. After a series of dreams and illusions, crushed by the weight of truth and guilt, Diane takes her own life in her apartment. There are many similarities shared between the two films as both Norma and Diane suffer from mental health conditions and could not wake up from the illusion induced by the mental disorder (Diane committed suicide as soon as she came back to reality). Their fantasies about themselves and the film industry were not an imagined scenario that represents the realization of their impossible desires, since their wish to enter (or re-enter) the industry was not totally impossible; but rather, the fantasy allows them to desire.6 Norma’s fantasy of still being wanted by the industry leads to her going to Cecil B. DeMille’s studio in real-life, wanting to work with him again to produce her film Salomé. A better illustration of this idea is Diane’s fantasy with her failed audition, in which she found closure. In her dream, a Cowboy talked to the director of the film she was auditioning for, telling him that “the rest of the cast can stay, that’s up to you. But the

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