A Comparison Of The Ottoman Empire And Timur The Lame

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Our Muslim World paper is on the Ottoman Empire. This paper is also on a leader that was called “Timur the Lame”. The Ottoman Empire was known as the “Turkish Empire” or the “Ottoman Turkey”. In this paper you will find out how the two stories meet up and how they greatly affected one another. Timurid empire was led by Timur the Lame. Both empires were located right by each other in Persia and Central Asia. These two empires both ran An absolute Monarchy as a their Government. The term Ottoman is a dynastic appellation derived from Osman I Arabic: ʿUthmān. It was created by Turkish tributes in Anatolia, it was founded in 1299 and fell in 1922. People of the Ottoman Empire were called Ottomans. The Ottoman Empire’s elite battle troops were called the Janissaries. The capitals of the Ottoman Empire were Constantinople, Bursa, Edirne, and Sogut. The capitals of the Timurid Empire were Samarkand and Herat. A major The Byzantine empire was ended by the conquest of Constantinople which was done by the Ottoman Empire. The Timurid Empire had a military leader known as Timur the Lame. His nickname was Tamerlane and was born in 1336 near the city of Kesh. This historic city is Persian is currently known as Shahrisabz in modern day Uzbekistan. He was the first ruler of the Timurid dynasty . Timur the lame defeated a good amount of empires including the Ottoman empire. After this his empire the Timurid empire was founded. Timurid empire was controlled from its capital Samarkand

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