A Comparison Of The Tell Tale Heart And The Tell Tale Heart

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To begin with, the Tell Tale Heart is very odd and suspenseful. It and the rewritten version are very different, and though they are both very descriptive, only one can help a reader understand the plot more. The original would be better because it tells you the narrator’s thoughts about why he wants to kill the old man, while the rewritten version, no matter what point of view, happens after the murder and would not help the reader understand the thoughts of the narrator. Some ways the original Tell Tale Heart and the rewritten version are similar are the mood and the plot. The mood of the stories are both suspenseful and erie and build up tension throughout the story. According to (Poes) text it states, “I arose and argued about trifles, in a high key and with violent gesticulations, but the noise steadily increased.” According to (Johnson’s) text it states,”We talked a little longer, and then suddenly he gripped his head, and doubled over. Something was wrong.” This quotation also built up suspense because the man across from the policemen fell over and made the policemen nervous about whether or not the man was the murderer. Another thing that makes both versions is the plot. The plot of both stories are in the old man’s house in the 1800’s. According to (Poes) text it states, “And then, when my head was well in the room, I undid it just so much that a single thin ray fell upon the vulture eye.” The narrator was in the old man’s bed room, waiting for the perfect time to commit the murder. According to (Johnson’s) text it states, “We went all around the large house, and saw nothing suspicious or anything that could have caused a murder. The man pulled up three wooden chairs, and let us sit and we chatted amongst ourselves, while he sat across from us.” The policemen sat in the exact place where the corpse was under the floorboards, and never noticed until the man showed them. The stories also had a lot of things that were different from each other. Some of those ways were the pacing of the stories and the character development throughout the stories. According to (Poe’s) text, the pacing of the stories were very different because the original versions sentences became very short around the end
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