A Comparison Of To Kill A Mockingbird And The Color Purple

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Introduction: In today’s time, schools across the world require their students to read and study various works of literature. However, a school does not simply add the first available novel to its curriculum. There is always a reason, whether that be to teach students about a specific writing style, time period in the context of the novel, or other unique topic specific to the work. Following this strand, certain works have appeared in schools repeatedly over time, with hundreds of thousands of students consequently reading the same literature. With such a high population of people being exposed and influenced by these works, it is imperative to understand why some works are being represented over others in schools. Two such works that have become highly regarded in education in America are Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. Therefore, the question “Why is To Kill a Mockingbird read more widely in American schools than The Color Purple?” needs to be studied, given that “by the close of the 1980s, Lee's story was mandatory reading in seventy percent of all public schools” (Halpern, 743). To begin, it is important to understand that both novels have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize, with The Color Purple earning the additional National Book Award. Both novels have experienced challenges and banning, and it is with the exploration of those challenges, criticisms, and contexts of the novels that a conclusion can be reached regarding why To

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