A Comparison Of Vancouver And Montreal

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Joel Walker
Mr. Jason Holt
International Trip Paper
5 May 2016
A Comparison of Vancouver and Montreal
North America is the third largest continent in the world right behind Africa and Asia. Two of the largest countries in the world are our very own, the United States of America, and Canada. Canada is the second largest country in the world by landmass. Canada is very well known because of the European culture that, over time, has permeated their country. Montreal and Vancouver are two of the most important cities in Canada, and are two of the biggest. Although Montreal and Vancouver are in the same country, each city has many other that distinct characteristics between them, such as their culture, their history and their economies,
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No real or concrete settlements were made until 1703.
An explorer from France named Samuel de Champlain founded many establishments for France in Canada. In 1604 he established Port Royal which was in Acadia. In 1608 Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec which would later grow into the colony, New France. Acadia was a colony of France; it was originally established by French explorer Pierre Des Monts. By 1685 within years of the establishment of New France, Canada, the population had grown to about 10,000. By the seventeenth century the population of New France had grown to about 50,000. Like France, England was also interested in having settlements in Canada. In 1610 an explorer from England named Henry Hudson discovered a particular area which would be later called Hudson Bay, for England. This would give England a small but very noticeable presence in Canada. With both European nations making their presence known in this country, both would rival each other to become the main presence in Canada. This rivalry or feud would eventually lead to the English attempting to capture Quebec City, the capital of New France at the time. With the discovery and the control of the Hudson Bay in Canada by the British, they controlled most of the trade and most of the agriculture that was coming into Canada.
There was a seven-year war;
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