A Comparison OfThe Sacred And Vegetarian Physics?

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The message that a poem carries is something that the reader must construct with their ideas and perspective they hold in order to find the true interpretation of a poem. The poems “The Sacred” and “Vegetarian Physics” both share some similarities and differences within one another. Both of these poems also contain imagery. They also contain symbolism in order to describe their message. The difference between these poems, is the message that they deliver to the reader. Each of them posses their own unique meaning. These poems also both compare different objects to real life things in order to be more abstract with their idea.

The poem “The Sacred” uses a special metaphor in order to describe the journey of life. The author uses a car that signifies the beginning of new journey through life. A new beginning to start with no second thoughts. “A car could take him from the need. To speak, or to answer, the key, In having a key, and putting it in, and going”. Here the author describes how the student will take the this key, or what could be described as a decision that was made by the student. This student is taking this key or decision, putting it into the car, or a new beginning to life. The definite decision of a student to set forth himself to begin a new chapter in his or her life. In the poem, “Vegetarian Physics” we are also introduced to unique symbolism used by the author. Here the author decided to use tofu and a frigidaire in order to symbolize what could be

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