A Comparison between My Life and My Mother's Life

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My Life and My Mother's Life

My life compared to my mother's life is in many ways very different and in other ways a lot alike. The differences are there mostly because I was born into a different era. In 1928, my mother's life started out during the end of the Roaring 20's. It was a time of change in America. People were shocked at the short skirts, the drinking and smoking that the young women were participating in then. As the economy came to a crashing halt with the disastrous collapse of the stock market in October of 1929, so did many of the free and "high filutin" attitudes of the 20's.

With the 1930's came The Great Depression followed soon after with the election of Franklin Deleno Roosevelt as U.S. President.
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My mother, Ruthie, was in high school. She recalls that, "most of the teachers before the war were men and as they joined the armed services and went to war women filled the teaching positions. Few had teaching credentials and a lot had only just graduated from high school themselves." This fact alone shows how far women have come from then until now. It also shows that W.W.II did a lot in the advancement of women then. They effortlessly assumed the positions only men held before the war. However, when the war ended they were expected to leave their jobs and go home to again be the homemakers they were previously. When I was 18 and graduated from high school my mother urged me to go, when I was offered a civil service job in Washington, DC. She wanted me to experience this opportunity, one she had never been allowed or even offered. Another striking difference is that I am, at age 48, pursuing a college education. This would have been unheard of then. The idea of a woman needing to find fulfillment in her life would have been laughed at then. Once again, my mother was my biggest supporter. My Mother was never taught to drive a car, so different from my youth, when I expected this as a normal occurrence. My mother never had or knew how to ride a bicycle. War rationing along with economic hard times prohibited her from these experiences. I suppose in those days of frugality it would have been considered a waste, or just unnecessary for her

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