A Comparison of A Vendetta by Guy de Maupassant and The Red Room by H.G. Wells

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A Comparison of A Vendetta by Guy de Maupassant and The Red Room by H.G. Wells I am aiming to look at the differences and similarities of two writer's methods of creating tension in their stories. The two stories I am looking at are 'A Vendetta' by Guy de Maupassant and 'The Red Room' by H. G. Wells. After I have discussed these two stories I will draw a conclusion to show what I have found. 'A Vendetta' is about a woman's struggle to avenge the death of her son. The writer of this story uses lots of sounds in his efforts to create tension, such…show more content…
She also dresses in man's clothes, this also seems strange because it makes you wonder what she is doing and why she isn't wearing her own clothes. Also the story tells us, 'The old woman returned home in the evening. That night she slept soundly.' This too creates tension because you wonder how she can sleep when she has just killed someone and you therefore feel uncomfortable. The colours used by Guy de Maupassant in 'A Vendetta' create tension too because colours such as black and brown are used. These colours are dark and traditionally associated with death and evil. This creates tension because it makes the reader feel uneasy and wonder what plan the woman will concoct and if it will be evil. During 'A Vendetta' information is revealed gradually. For instance you don't fully understand the woman's plan until the end. This crates tension because it keeps the reader in suspense and wondering what will happen. They are also not entirely sure what she is doing throughout the story. In 'A Vendetta' Guy de Maupassant uses words associated with loneliness such as 'alone' and 'widow'. This creates tension because it makes the woman seem like a victim and vulnerable, therefore creating an uncomfortable and uneasy atmosphere. Now I have discussed Guy de Maupassant's techniques for creating tension I will
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