A Comparison of Biological and Psychological Explanations of Schizophrenia

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A Comparison of Biological and Psychological Explanations of Schizophrenia

Both the biological and the psychological explanations of schizophrenia are supported by empirical evidence which justify their explanations. However ,within the biological explanation there is the genetic explanation which is used largely based on scientific research such as that of Gottesman’s research using meta-analysis which looked at the family (including twin) relationships and concordance rates of schizophrenia. The studies used Gottesman’s research was scientifically based and because of the large number of studies and therefore the sample used, the biological research can be credited for being representative.
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Due to the size and nature of the research.

Although research in the biological explanation was scientifically based is was not laboratory based. As there was no manipulation of the IV or DV neither the biological or the psychological can make a firm cause and effect conclusion as to the causes or explanations of schizophrenia. For example we can no confirm that the enlarged brain ventricles are not the result of schizophrenia and not the cause. Likewise we can not say for sure that a Schizoprenogenic mother isn’t the result of having a schizophrenic child and not the cause of schizophrenia in the child.

Both the psychological and biological explanation of schizophrenia are criticised for being too simplistic an explanation of the causes of schizophrenia. However, both theories are not rigid in their views and most scientists believe that is a complex interaction between biological and environmental factors which determine the development of schizophrenia. Although most supporters of the genetic explanation believe that there is a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia and therefore accept other psychological and environmental factors. Despite the fact that the Schizoprenogenic Mother explanation does tend to ignore other contributing factors, the overall explanation is not as dogmatic in it’s view. . Both theories do show though that not all of the
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