A Comparison of Domestic Abuse in Films

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The story “Revolt of Mother,” by Mary E. Wilkins depicts a woman (Sarah Penn) who is constantly exempt by her husband (Adonriam Penn) in taking part in important decisions until her frustration reached a breaking point, which ultimately leads to drastic changes in their family. In contrast a similar conflict arises in the movie Sleeping With the Enemy (1991), which was directed by Joseph Ruben. In the movie the main character, Laura Burney, had everything her heart desired. However below the surface she was really married to a possessive as well as a physically abusive husband who made all the impressive luxuries she had seem insignificant. Similar conflicts are also arise in the story “The Yellow Wallpaper,” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.…show more content…
Her obsession with the wallpaper will originate in the room, which will eventually lead to drastic changes. John (the husband) has good intentions, but he is somewhat condescending about being a physician. He feel does not need his own wife’s input about her own illness, and just makes decisions for her as if she a child. His wife (also the narrator) believes can handle her own problems, but still follows whatever John says. There is something holding her back from expressing herself because admits herself that she “disagreed with their ideas,” regarding her illness. Her inner desire was to become more independent from her husband, and make decisions on her own. As the story progresses the narrator develops an obsession with the yellow wallpaper. She begins to see woman trapped in the wallpaper, and only she could free her. The reader begins to see that not only is the narrator in conflict with her over bearing husband, but she also in conflict with the woman trapped in the yellow wallpaper. The values in conflict here would be the narrators inner desire to finally become independent from her husband as well as her husband being able to always having authority over what she does. The conflict is finally resolved at the end where the narrator finally tears off all the wallpaper, and frees the supposed woman trapped behind it. The winner here would have to be the narrator because she tore off the wallpaper it
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