A Comparison of Film and Novel Versions of Frankenstein Essay

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A Comparison of Film and Novel Versions of Frankenstein

The nature of horror stories gives the reader/audience a feeling of intense fear, shock or disgust. It creates an atmosphere of tension for the reader/audience. Horror stories are designed to entertain people by causing enjoyable feelings of horror.

The purposes of the films/novel: In James Whale version and Mary Shelley's novel the purpose was to scare the reader/audience. In Mel Brooks Frankenstein the purpose of the film was to entertain to create humour, to make the audience laugh. Kenneth Branagh s film the purpose was to scare and shock the audience. The film shocks people because it shows what humans can do to nature.

The film
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The people watching hold onto each other. The platform then descends and the first sign of life of the creature is his moving right hand. Frankenstein's hysterical cry, "It's alive!" Goes out of control.

The film Young Frankenstein directed by Mel Brooks, 1974 Young Frankenstein is a series of hilarious humour scenes. To create humour exaggerated dialogue was used. This exaggeration made the dialogue sound ridiculous. - When Frankenstein said "throw the first switch" then the second and third, each time getting louder and louder. The creation scene replicates the 1931 original Frankenstein, similar settings. =====================================================================

Again the film is in black and white. There are two assistants Frankenstein s fiancee and the hunchback. Like the original version of Frankenstein the monster is on a platform. It starts off with Frankenstein making a speech out loud talking to the audience. Frankenstein is dressed in hospital white coat with big goggles strapped around a fright wig of hair and a stethoscope. He tells his hunchback assistance to throw the switches and fiancee turns a big wheel. Whilst Frankenstein is talking the monster and he is raised into the stormy night sky to await the lightning strike needed to bring him to life. Music builds up in crescendo. The noises of the chains as they are descended back
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