A Comparison of Life in Four Contrasting Countries: The USA, the UK, China and Bangladesh

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However, there are also plenty of similarities between the countries.

Location & Size
The USA is located in North America, between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the UK in north-west Europe, and China and Bangladesh both in Asia.
The four nations are hugely varied in size. The USA and China are both very large, whilst the UK and Bangladesh are many times smaller. Their areas are: USA, 9.8 million km2; China, 9.6 million km2; UK, 0.24 million km2; and Bangladesh, 0.15 million km2.

Bangladesh, unlike almost any other country, is incredibly flat, with much of the country below one meter sea level. The USA , UK and China have mountain ranges, such as the Rocky Mountains in the USA, the Ben Nevis in the UK and the Himalayas in China.

Natural Resources
The USA has the world's largest coal reserves, with a total of 491 billion tons. This accounts for 27% of the world's total coal reserves. The UK and China’s main natural resources are coal, petrol, natural gas and iron ore, whilst Bangladesh’s are natural gas, arable land, timber and coal.

Weather & Climate
The USA is a very large country, with some states, such as…
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