A Comparison of Lord of the Flies to Sympathy for the Devil Essay

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6 June 2012 Guess My Name: A Comparison of Lord of the Flies to Sympathy for the Devil The story The Lord of the Flies is a timeless piece of literature written by William Golding. Many who have read this story have been inspired in different ways, one of these groups being The Rolling Stones. In their song Sympathy for the Devil, there are striking similarities between the lyrics and the content of The Lord of the Flies. In one line of Sympathy for the Devil, the lyrics go like this, “I watched with glee, While your kings and queens, Fought for decades, For the gods they made.” This is almost directly taken from the key point in the story that human nature, when faced with fear, is to create a fictional excuse for what is causing,…show more content…
Jack and Ralph were not getting along and Jack decided that it was time to vindicate Ralph from his position as chief and make his own tribe. However, that wasn’t enough for Jack so he made the decision that Ralph needed to be killed in order for there to be proper retribution for the “crimes” that Ralph had committed. The savages had vengeance on their mind as they chanted “Kill the beast. Cut his throat. Spill his blood.” (186) Ralph of course was the “his” of this chant as he was being targeted for death. Much as the savage boys thought that the only way to properly punish Ralph for the crimes he had apparently committed was to kill him, the people of Russia during the Russian revolution thought that they had to kill the Czar and his family in order to properly change the government to the way they wanted it. The attempted killing of Ralph is much like Russia’s killing of the Czar and his family, the mob psychology took over and they attacked their enemies because they believed that it was the only way to properly rid themselves of their aggressor. The essential meaning of both of the situations described in The Lord of the Flies and Sympathy for the Devil is that when angry people are put into a mob of other angry people, their primeval savagery is revealed and they will, with ebullience follow a

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