A Comparison of Men and Women Essay

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Men vs. Women

I do not pretend to be a complete expert in the vast world of men and women. However, as one of these creatures, I decided early on in life to do my best to figure out the relationship between us and our counterparts. This was very interesting to me because, unlike most people, I do not believe that we simply "evolved" to become what we are today. I believe we were created the way we are by a very big God who knew what He was doing, and did it for a purpose. After a mere 18 years of observation, I have concluded that we as humans are trying to look too deeply into the purpose of "man" and "woman." We make the relationship too complicated. We need to stop prying into why men like football and women like
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I agree that something needs to change. In 1912 there was a divorce for every 12 marriages. In 1932, there was one for every six. By the time 1990 rolled around, one out of every two couples were getting a divorce. Now it is considered rare if you have been with the same spouse your whole life. The big problem with divorce is that each person continues on in life to marry a creature with the exact same flaws as the previous one. Some, however, declare war on the whole opposite sex, and end their lives lonely and confused as to why they are lonely. In his book, Tender Warrior, Stu Weber refers to a poem recently written by a woman struggling with these issues:

"Life in a Tomb"

"The emptiness of 20+ years.

The loss of hope.

The battle for joy with a good man

a man content to be alone

(but he needs me to be the keeper of his house,

the mother of his children)

a companion but no communion.

How can one endure contented

with so little

amidst so much material?

I worry for my soul

living without
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