A Comparison of Mexican and Tongan Immigrant Groups Essay example

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A Comparison of Mexican and Tongan Immigrant Groups I chose to write my paper on the comparison and contrast of two immigration groups. I chose them because they are extremely similar once they have arrived in America, and very different culturally. The two groups that I chose are the Mexicans and the Tongans. It is never easy for someone when they arrive in a new country, but it is how you handle yourself while you are there is what counts, so my goal is to show a brief comparison of these two migrant groups. Living in Arizona you come to interact with quite a few Mexicans in your life. Many people are afraid of what they don’t understand, Mexicans and Americans. It is strange to me that Mexicans are the way that they…show more content…
The Arizona Republic article “Dying to Work” really sends the readers ideas into a mix of concepts that are trying to change their opinions to fit a certain idea. For example reading about all the people who die crossing the sonoran desert gives you a sense of sorrow for their lives. Then also reading about the one hundred and forty thousand foreign-born individuals that are in jail in the United States. This is when it becomes hard to say that they are dying to work, not just dying to get money. If you read through the articles that are talking about the Mexicans their is always a two sided argument. One for the poor immigrants who have nothing to eat, and one for the gang banging, drug pushing individuals. The sad thing is that the Mexicans are not the only ones doing this. So people can’t so easily call this an illegal immigrant problem. There are a lot of white American born people who are totting guns around and pushing drugs, but they aren’t doing it to feed their family, they are simply lazy. Not to say that all Mexicans are totting guns or are even trying to feed their family they are just trying to live. Reading through these articles that are based of the Mexican immigrant population their is a lot of truth that ignorant people do not want to here. What about the Mexicans that wash dishes at the restaraunt or wash your car in one hundred and fifteen degree weather, what are they doing
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