A Comparison of Oscar Wilde and Dorian Gray Essay

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A Comparison of Oscar Wilde and Dorian Gray

One novel that stands out as literary masterpiece is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Wilde wrote a dark tale of a man, Dorian Gray, who destroys his life by exchanging his soul for eternal youth and beauty. The character of Dorian Gray, in many aspects, mirrors the self-destruction of the author's own life. Therefore, Oscar Wilde portrays his own life through Dorian Gray, the main character of the novel.

Oscar Fingal O' Flahertie Wills Wilde is one of Birtain's most well known authors. What many people do not know is that "the life story of Oscar Wilde has become...one of the tragic legends of the ages" (Broad v). Wilde was born in 1854 in Dublin, Ireland to Sir William
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Although he enjoyed married life, he became more attracted to men rather than women, and he became lovers with Lord Alfred Douglas, the son of the Marquessof Queensbury. Lord Douglas' father was thought to be insane and also became very adament about trying to save his son from Wilde's inflluence. The Marquess threatened Wilde to stay away from his son, and in retaliation, Wilde sued Queensbury for criminal libel. Wilde's plan backfired, and he was tried twice and convicted during the second trial for being a homosexual. He was sentenced to two years in prison. As soon as Wilde was imprisoned, rumors began circulating that "he was suffering from a serious mental breakdown" (Hyde 33). Soon after Wilde was released from prison, his life started to really get tough. Wilde was considered to be an alcoholic. He was always drinking, probably to escape the problems going on in his life, and eventually his drinking caused him liver damage. Lord Alfred Douglas abandoned him; whereupon Wilde wrote the book De Profundis a long letter condemning Lord Alfred Douglas and explaining his own life. Although Wilde and Lord Douglas rejoined in 1897, they seperated again in 1898. The aesthetic movement in art that Wilde had worked so hard for even suffered a setback as a result of the antigay backlach against Oscar Wilde. His marriage did not work out, of course as a result of his homosexuality, and
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