A Comparison of Scenes From West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet

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A Comparison of Scenes From West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet


The scene before the meeting scene in West Side Story Maria spins around in her dress the camera then carries on spinning which creates a colourful blurred effect on the screen. The effect makes her look like she is almost spinning into the next scene.

When Tony and Maria meet, all the other characters that were dancing, slow down and fade behind Tony and Maria. The room becomes dark and there is a spotlight on Maria and Tony. All eyes become focused on the two lovers.

In Romeo and Juliet at the beginning of the meeting scene Romeo takes ecstasy. I think the director adds this in to create the feeling of
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This song sets the mood as it is an acoustic love song. The song changes when the loves first make physical contact in the elevator and becomes more intense which increases the passion between the two lovers. This music continues throughout the rest of the scene.

Before Maria and Tony meet the other characters are dancing at the disco, the music is jazzy and upbeat, this is also set in a major key. When the lovers meet the music changes as the characters fade out. The music becomes slow which a very simple beat and there are very few instruments in the minor key, as the music is so quiet you get the strong, deep feeling of passion.


In west side story the two main characters, Maria and Tony, meet across a crowded room at a school disco. As they make eye contact the rest of the characters fade out. Slowly, they begin to walk to each other always keeping eye contact when doing so.

They then start to slowly dance with one another and no physical contact is made between them. This builds up the anticipation.

After the dance, Maria holds up her hands and claims they are cold. Only then do they make physical contact, when he put her hands in his.

They move closer gradually and touch each others lips, but only for a second, because they are pulled away from each other by their friends.

When their true identities are
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