A Comparison of Strategies in Sports Marketing

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INTODUCTION An organization is established, it has some mission and vision. This mission and vision define its operation and research. To fulfill the organization’s mission they have to develop top level plans and sustain long term competitive advantage that is Strategy. Following this definition, when an organization has mission, develop a plan and understand the “sustainable” competitive advantage - where competitor cannot easily duplicate the firm’s strategy. The most difficult challenges facing organizations is that strategies are not always efficient as originally planned. So decision taker has to be perfect while strategy formulation which is an interative process (1). For strategy formulation, decision maker should…show more content…
He introduced himself as a representative of the Blue Ribbion Sports and ordered his first pair of shoes. This journey later became successful and developed as Nike (13). The company kept focus best quality shoes for professional athletes as well as on jogging community and daily use sports products. Their successes lead to the loss in the market of the German company, Adidas. Nike’s popularity increases the selling of its product. In 1972 Phillip Knight started promoting Nike as sports brand and he became founder of the Nike with the support of Bill Bowerman (13). Later it started designing, marketing and distribution of athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for varieties of sports and fitness activities. Today Nike is the world’s leading company in the athletic footwear, apparel and accessories segment in the textile industry (4). Company overview of Adidas group Adidas was established by German Shoemaker Adi Dassler in Herzogenaurach. This brand focus on innovation and quality products that satisfy people’s excitement, and meet the physical challenges (13). They start with the athletic running footwear and currently produce a great range of products like watches, bags, shirts and accessories. They are the second largest manufacture of sportswear products (4). Adidas’s logo is the three stripes which indicate Adidas has faithfully
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