A Comparison of TASA Model and Danielson´s Framework for Teaching

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I found this assignment the most difficult so far in this class. I am glad that I get to write a reflection on the assignment. After reading the professor’s and classmates’ comments along with rereading the text, I realized that I missed part of the correlation of the InTASC model with Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. As a class, we all seemed to agree that there are many similarities between InTASC Model and the Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. Both models purpose is to help teachers and administration to identify individual strengths and areas of growth. We agreed that there were slight differences in the wordage used and the structure of the Domains vs. Standards but that they were interchangeable for the most part. In fact,…show more content…
As schools across the nation look for a uniform method to evaluate teachers’ performances, concerns about both methods are highlighted. NYC is using the Danielson Framework to evaluate teachers this year; some concerns have been brought up by administrators and the teachers union. In the piliot program it was noted by one administrator that “some of her teachers are not scoring as high on the rubric as she would expect — precisely because the rubric expects the same general characteristics in all grades” (Cromidas, 2012). This is because in the Danielson Framework the observer is looking for weather a teacher is doing the behavior or not. Check mark - there is no distinction between a new teacher and a veteran teacher. The other thing that administrators are noting that the “practicing observing teachers using Danielson had proved to be time-consuming” (Cromidas, 2012). It is recommend that they observer spends a number of informal observations lasting at least 15 minutes in the classroom before the official observation and that the report be turned around in 48 hours to the teacher.
I found reading about how the United Federation of Teachers is recommending their teachers to prep for their observations this year as NYC transitions over to the Danielson Framework for teacher
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