A Comparison of "The Chrysalids" and "Animal Farm" Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay

In our contemporary civilization, it is evident that different people have somewhat different personalities and that novels behold essential and key roles in our daily lives; they shape and influence our world in numerous ways via the themes and messages expressed by the authors. It is so, due to the different likes of our population, that we find numerous types and genres of books on our bookshelves, each possessing its own audience of readers and fans. In this compare and contrast essay, we will be analysing and comparing two novels, The Chrysalids and Animal Farm, and demonstrating how both books target the general audience and not one specific age group or audience of readers. We will be shedding light at
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These major themes expressed throughout the plot and the storyline aim the general audience since they could be understood and applied by everyone, whatever their age, culture and knowledge. Persecution, discrimination, strict religious adherence and conformity, which are the main issues addressed throughout the novel, are all clearly established early in the novel via numerous axioms, such as: “Only the image of God is man”, “Keep pure the stock of the Lord”, “Blessed is the norm, and in purity our salvation”, “Watch thou for the mutant!”, “The norm is the will of God”, or even “The devil is the father of Deviations”. The Chrysalids presents important, comprehensible and applicable themes to the general audience; the themes expressed and conveyed to us by Wyndham target the entire society. In Animal Farm, which was written by George Orwell and published in 1945, is a fictive, allegoric novel symbolising Russia’s history. In the novel, animals of a farm in the south of England revolt and take control of their farmhouse. The main theme conveyed to the audience by George Orwell via his novel is the disappointing triumph of evil over good, due the improper usage of power and authority for wrong. In the

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