A Comparison of The death of a hired man and Out, Out- by Robert Frost

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A Comparison of The death of a hired man and Out, Out- by Robert Frost Robert frost was born in Vermont in 1874 and died in 1963. Robert Frost was a farmer and lived in Vermont, USA. Both poems 'The death of a hired man' and 'Out, Out-' are set on a farm in Vermont which is probably because of where Robert Frost lived and worked. I will know begin to discuss the similarities. As I said previously both poems are set in a farm enviroment. The poem 'The death of a hired man' is probably set in winter so there would not be a lot of work to be done therefore Warren; the owner of the farm would not need to hire any workers because he would be able to do the work himself. The poem ?Out, Out ?? is set in summer therefore there would…show more content…
Also, in both poems, I think that there is a realisation of the inevitable. In ?The death of a hired man? it?s when Silas goes to the one place that he can call home; Warren and Mary?s farm, but even in his death Silas is still a very proud man. ?He wouldn?t let me put him on the lounge.? This means that Silas would rather sit on the floor than on a couch, as this is just how he is. The realisation in ?Out, Out-? is when the boy realised that he was losing too much blood and soon would die. ?Then the boy saw all-?. I will now begin to discuss the differences between the two poems. My first difference is that Silas is a very old man and has lived a full life and his death is very peaceful and expected but in ?Out, Out-? the young boys death is very violent and unexpected. One moment the boys working and all is OK, the next he?s without a hand and losing blood rapidly. I think that in the first poem the poet is trying to tell us that death will come to us all, eventually but in ?Out, Out-? I think that the poet is trying to tell us to live life to the fullest we can because you never know what?s around the corner. My next difference is that the two poems have a totally different style, the first poem is presented as a conversation; the poem alters between Warren and Mary speaking to each other whilst in ?Out, Out-? the style is more of a more conventional poem, the poet uses many

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