A Comparison of Two Different Newspapers

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A Comparison of Two Different Newspapers

In the following essay, I intend to compare the differences and similarities in which two different newspapers - a tabloid (The Mirror) and a broadsheet (The Times) report the same story. I will be looking at the presentation and the use of language as well as the basics of how the story is put forward and told. Both papers are reporting the same story in which Prince Philip made a statement along the lines that 'guns are no more dangerous than cricket bats' following a shooting at a school in Dunblane in Scotland. In general there are many differences between tabloids and broadsheets. A tabloid is smaller than a broadsheet, usually being about half the
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The headline claims the Prince to be foolish in the form of a pun - 'foolip'.

In an article the lead paragraph is designed to have a large impact on the reader which sums up the story in a short space. This is useful for people who haven't got time to read the full article. It is also designed to interest the reader so they read on. In The Mirror the lead paragraph is simple and bold, full of emotion and sensational language such as 'sparked outrage' to over exaggerate the story. The lead paragraph is designed to be short and 'straight to the point' but it fails to mention any positive side to the Princes comment, which is revealed later on in the article. This again shows signs of The Mirror being bias. The Times is more informative and is not bias in any way. It explains how he said that 'members of shooting clubs were no more dangerous than members of golf or squash clubs'. The paragraph also contains more honest language and less sensational language and it over exaggerates less.

The final effective presentational features in the newspapers are the pictures. In The Mirror the picture makes the Prince look stupid and foolish, in this way it ties in with the headline. The picture has been taken at a particular moment and catches the Prince with a stupid look on his face. Inside the

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