A Comparison of Two Newspaper Articles

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A Comparison of Two Newspaper Articles

In this coursework 'B' I would be comparing two news articles from two different sources. This coursework will be divided into three parts. The background and context, the view of both articles i.e. use of languages, headlines, quotes used e.t.c the last part will be my opinion and the conclusion.

The main idea is to compare two news articles about a prison called Guantanomo bay in Cubaand how the prisoners are being treated, if the prisoners require a fair trial, if torture is going on and so on. These two articles are gotten from the internet the websites are www.dailymail.co.uk and www.bbc.co.uk. These two sources have different ways of reporting
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The prisoners in guantanomo bay are about 450 from at least 43 different countries. The main reason behind the arrest is to find out if any one or groups of the suspected prisoners had anything to do with the September 11 attack. The Guantanamo bay is outside the US and it has a major difference between all the prisons in US. The difference is that the prison doesn't obey the UN declaration of human rights which is: right for free trial before being sentenced to prison, the right for everyone to be allowed any form of defence.g lawyers during the trial.

This two newspaper articles were derived from their websites dailymail.co.uk and bbc.co.uk are giving information on if the prisoners are being tortured. According to the BBC article prisoners do not have any contact with their families, they where just arrested without trial and they are facing interrogations with torture. On the other hand the article from the dailymail says that president bush denies having anything to do with the torture of the prisoners as he claims he didn't other anything of that order. But further in the article some secret white house documents showed us politician Donald rumsfeld in dec.2002 approved harsh interrogation techniques for Taliban and al qaeda prisoners at the us naval base in Guantanamo.


In the daily mail the topic is

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