A Comparison of Two Virtues: Monica vs. Rebekah Essay

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The saying is “Behind every great man is a great woman”, for Augustine and his mother Monica that became a definite conclusion. Without the affections of his mother Monica where would Augustine have ended up? Studies of women of noble virtues are revered and upheld by the Catholic Church as Saints. A very prime example of a woman of such virtue would be Monica or known in the Catholic sector as St. Monica. Monica is regarded as a woman of worth, a woman of prayer and tears. With grand virtues she is a loving and a patient wife and a wonderful mother to her children. As read in the book of Genesis, Rebekah is noted a mother who loved her sons as well but doted on Jacob more than Esau. Rebekah favored Jacob being her youngest twin and wanted…show more content…
Second, Monica being given to Patricius for his hand in marriage, a pagan man, who did not have the same beliefs as herself. Patricius being a landowner, was the exact opposite of who Monica was, but yet the love for her God and her love for the relationship she endured the circumstances. She poured her life into her religious works and her children; especially Augustine. That was her love and even when Augustine left home she prayed for him every day for his soul to be with God. She was more concerned with her son’s life then her own life and dealing with the tedious marriage that she refused to walk away from. A woman in marriage, Rebekah became afraid that her chance to have children was never going to happen. For 20 years she remained barren. Her husband Isaac prayed for her, and she became pregnant with twins, Jacob and Esau. Isaacs’s favorite son was Esau and Rebekah favorite was Jacob. She loved Jacob so that she wanted him to gain the family blessing, which basically push Esau to the side. Because Isaac had failing eye sight she planned a way to trick him into blessing Jacob. By making her son hairy like his brother, Rebekah knew that Isaac would feel this hair and the blessings would be Jacob’s. This trickery put the two brothers at odd with each other. Her love for her son almost cost Jacob his life because that is how enraged his brother was, but the love from the mother

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