A Comparison of the Risks and Difficulties of Working in Poland and the US

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1. Discuss the cultural differences, risks, and difficulties of working in Poland compared to the U.S. Many of the Polish employees had worked in companies during the communist era that were not really geared toward making money or efficiency. The difference in attitudes about customer service were profound. The organization and parts of U.S. corporations are due to need, while communist era corporations had many elements and parts that they did not need (Czinkota & Parboteeah, 2009, 74). In the former communist companies, competence and doing a good job were not the reasons for promotion and salary increases. Rather, being a card-carrying party member was the segue to successful managerial careers in Poland at the time. Promotions and employee rewards were given depending on the fulfillment of political roles as opposed to achieving financial profits (ibid.). People in U.S. managed multi-national corporations could not understand the need for actual experience and merit to get promoted to such positions. These people associated the word manager with the magic of an instant higher status and success in contrast to U.S. managers who hired from within and who believed that hard work and earning your way up the ladder was the key (ibid). Also, Polish managers were addicted to knowing each others salaries. In U.S. companies, managers and everyone else safeguards this information. Polish managers had to get used to the secrecy behind this information. For American

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