A Comparitive Analysis on the Film Adaptation of Life of Pi

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A COMPARITIVE ANALYSIS ON THE FILM ADAPTATION OF LIFE OF PI ASSIGNMENT SUBMITTED BY C.H. SAI PRADYUMNA REDDY (2009A7TS087H) ANEKETH T (2009AAPS048H) I RAVI THEJA (2009AAPS057H) RAM BABU T (2009C6PS644H) FAITHFULNESS & CREDIBILITY OF THE FILM ADAPTATION No matter how it is judged, a film adaptation owes something to its original i.e., an adaptation of a novel owes something to that novel. An Adaptation can fall into three categories based on how faithful it has been in representating the facts and spirit of the novel. a) Borrowing : It is the “most frequently used mode of adaptation”. In this case that artist is using a novel’s material or ideas and form. In this situation the adapter is hoping to gain credibility for…show more content…
He is used to zookeepers training and providing for him, so he is able to respond to cues from Pi and submit to his dominance. However, he is no docile house cat. He has been tamed, but he still acts instinctually, swimming for the lifeboat in search of shelter and killing the hyena and the blind castaway for food. When the two wash up on the shore of Mexico, Richard Parker doesn’t draw out his parting with Pi, he simply runs off into the jungle, never to be seen again. Though Richard Parker is quite fearsome, ironically his presence helps Pi stay alive. Alone on the lifeboat, Pi has many issues to face in addition to the tiger onboard: lack of food and water, predatory marine life, treacherous sea currents, and exposure to the elements. Overwhelmed by the circumstances and terrified of dying, Pi becomes distraught and unable to take action. However, he soon realizes that his most immediate threat is Richard Parker. His other problems now temporarily forgotten, Pi manages, through several training exercises, to dominate Parker. This success gives him confidence, making his other obstacles seem less insurmountable. Renewed, Pi is able to take concrete steps toward ensuring his continued existence: searching for food and keeping himself motivated. Caring and providing for Richard Parker keeps Pi busy and passes the time. Without Richard Parker to challenge and distract him, Pi might have given up on life. After he washes up on land in Mexico, he thanks the tiger for

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