A Comparitive Study of Corporate Governance in India and Companies Around the World

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A COMPARITIVE STUDY OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE IN INDIA AND COMPANIES AROUND THE WORLD SHAKTI SINGAL-2010A58 DIVYA CHADHA-2010A60 UJJWAL SINGH -2010A62 Under the Guidance of MR.SHREEDHAR BHAT SYMBIOSIS CENTRE FOR MANAGEMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT, SYMBIOSIS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY ACKNOWLEDMENT This project would not have been possible without the help and support of Mr. Shreedhar Bhat, our mentor for the project. Our deepest gratitude goes out to him for guiding us at various stages with attention and care. He has taken pain to go through our project and make the necessary changes when required. We extend our thanks to Prof. K. S. Subramanian - Director, SCMHRD for extending his support to us. We would also thank our institute…show more content…
4 2. LITERATURE REVIEW Basic Structure Basic structure of corporate governance consists of     Director CEO Chairman The Board The board relies on independent outside directors to monitor management performance. Some of the important committees are     Audit Committee Remuneration Committee Nomination Committee Finance Committee Corporate Governances roles and responsibilities Roles of Directors A director assumes two roles while governing the activities of an organization. They are  The Performance role  The conformance role Roles of the Chairman     The role of the chairman is to manage the board and ensures that its policies are put into practice by the management. He also has to work closely with the company secretary to address the legal issues. The chairman must have a good understanding of the financial standing of the company. He must keep a strict watch on the company’s actual performance. Role of the CEO   Primary role of a CEO is to run the organization in an efficient manner to produce the desired results. He is expected to have a constructive relationship with the chairman and the directors Role of the Board The board has the following roles  Strategic role 5   Policy making role Monitoring and supervisory role Audit Committee The committee usually consists of independent directors who report to the board. The functions of the audit committee

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