A Compelling App Store Description

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A compelling app store description
In today’s cluttered world, smart consumers demand simple and easy comparison-shopping features that take the stress out of grocery getting – leading them directly to the products they’re seeking, while saving their family time and money. At Comp-U-Shop, our mission is to help grocery consumers easily compare and purchase anything in-store – in less time, and for the best price that fits your buying habits and desires. Now with our iPhone app, you can enjoy
Comp-U-Shop’s unique shopping user experience (UX) anywhere!
This new iPhone app offers shoppers easy-to-use search tools and content to help you in finding the exact product you are looking for. Comp-U-Shop has also generated endless unbiased product reviews based on the Epinions community, and is growing daily!
Download Comp-U-Shop on the go and start tracking against your family budget anywhere. With this app in hand – or more accurately on cart – you can begin to check items off your list by scrolling through the products alphabetically, or by taking advantage of the built in barcode scanner to easily pull pertinent data embedded by the manufacturer.
The overall strategy This is a new product offering by way of social media on Twitter and Facebook (Blog, 2014.), as well as a possible crowdfunding campaign (Blog, 2013.) – which can help with several things – not the least of which is targeting consumers who must keep their family on budget by way of a mobile device. Thanks to an
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