A Competitive Analysis of Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

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WalMart Competitive Analysis Introduction WalMart (NYSE:WMT) is one of the world's leading discount retailers, with sales of $446B in their latest full fiscal year, earning a Net Income of $15.6B. Corporate-wide WalMart averages a 3.68% Net Profit Margin and 5.94% Operating Margin, leading to an 8.79% Return on Assets (ROA) and 22.25% Return on Equity (ROE) in their latest fiscal year (WalMart Investor Relations, 2012). All of these accomplishments are significant as the global economic recessions adversely affected the entire discount retail industry. WalMart however has several significant competitive advantages which will be discussed in this analysis. Beginning with an analysis of WalMart's mission, vision and values, this analysis will also evaluate the company's strategic goals, including three examples of how its strategic goals help the mission, vision and values of the company. There are also recommendations made as to how the company can better attain its strategic goals, in addition to a discussion of the internal and external factors that most impact the company's ability to perform today. Further, this analysis provides insights into how WalMart differentiates itself with its unique value proposition of Low Prices Everyday (LPED) which includes heavy reliance on its supply chain (WalMart Investor Relations, 2012). WalMart is also very adept at using technologies for further increase its performance, with the recent adoption of Radio Frequency Identification
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