A Compilation of Essays on People and Their Personalities

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We seldom know our neighbors. London city has its inhabitants and people are busy with their domestic chores. Thus people often cohabit as virtual strangers showing the least interest in knowing their neighbors. This trait as mentioned by A.G. Gardiner is being increasingly noticeable in modern towns and cities in all parts of the world.
The ignorance to know people who live next door is a trait which is increasingly shared by city dwellers. The only sound is the noise generated by the fire irons and the
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Reading the text is a must for the terminal examination

According to Bertrand Russell if it is important to deduce matters; we must abide by the tenets of observation. The observation of matters and things must be undertaken by us and us alone. We must not believe others blindly. All evidence needs to be tested for its credibility and validity. Thinking that a person knows things whereas in reality to remain ignorant of men and matters comes in the way of our deduction and findings.
Russell has given us the example of Aristotle in a jocular manner stating that the best way for him to account for human teeth is to count them. Similarly if one is interested in knowing about the life of ‘hedgehogs’, then the appropriate course of action would be to find our more details about the animal by way of personal observation which can lead to appropriate deductions.
There are however issues on which we have our passionate convictions.. In many such cases we remain oblivious of our personal bias. Thus we become angry or frustrated when we have to face an opinion contrary to our beliefs (Say for example if we meet an atheist and the opinion given by the atheist makes us angry)
The writer has quoted if someone believes that two and two are five, or Iceland is on the equator we tend to feel more of pity than anger. Persecution is used in theology (it means cruel treatment that is meted out to someone

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