A Complex Behaviour Change: Failing to Address the Habit Behind the Behaviour.

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I found through self-exploration that out of the seven Dimensions of Wellness my emotional wellness was the area that seemed to be the unhealthiest. I realized that I was a very stressed person and that it affected me in almost all areas of my life. I was able to ascertain that my stress was a direct result of ignoring my own limitations on work load therefore taking on far more than I could handle in the amount of time I had to use. I attempted to decrease my stress through acknowledging my time constraints and taking on projects that would fit easily within my schedule. Through decreasing my workload I expected my relationship with friends and family to become healthier and less strained; as well, I foresaw that I would be happier,…show more content…
I also spoke with my employer and finally came to the realization that I needed to actually terminate my job in order to gain some of the stress-free lifestyle that I was striving for. However, while I freed my nights from a paying job I then filled it with the un-paying requests of friends and coaches. The reinforcing factors of my initial plan were to investigate the amount of time needed to complete the tasks prior to committing to them, however this as well never came to fruition, instead I accepted them blindly with little or no regard for time constraints. Originally I had planned on using a strategy of breaking the process of change down into smaller goals so that I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed and would be able to experience success throughout my behaviour change. Unfortunately I did not do this, instead I took one giant leap in quitting my job thus creating what I thought was a multitude of free time to complete other tasks not employment related. Instead of experiencing small successes along the way I ended up with instant gratification which quickly went away as I began filling up that time with other new tasks not previously on my to-do list. I had also planned on speaking to friends in hopes to find some peer support in this endeavour, however first I quit my job and then went to speak with them. As
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