A Complex Value Creation System Using Management Concepts

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To analyze The Goal, Part 2, I have chosen the second option to analyze a complex value creation system using management concepts. Management is being able to prioritize, making decision and coordinate the entire process effectively and efficiently through others, while utilizing all the resources to achieve the organization objectives and goals. The novel continues as Mr. Rogo seeks for more suggestion from his colleague Jonah to keep the plant operating producing revenue. Mr. Rogo is having some personal issues at the moment, he is having a difficult time managing his family which is probably affecting his professional life and the decision he tries to make regarding in managing Bearington Manufacturing Plant. I would suggest that Mr. Rogo take into consideration the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to assist him in evaluating the production of enhancing the performance of the Plant. According to, Dalton, M. A. (2009). “This is a tool that has been used to help manufacturing operations identify and eliminate bottlenecks. This approach enables innovators to rapidly improve their growth results while gradually creating a culture of continuous innovation improvement.” (p.52). The first passage I’ve believe is relevant and important in effective business management is teamwork. Managing also means that the manager must also be an excellent leader; one cannot manage if they do not know how to lead. Managers must demonstrate good leadership skills and lead by example and should…

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