A Comprehensive Assessment Of The Boxer Sonny Liston Essay

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A. Comprehensive Assessment Demographic Information. The participant has the moniker of Sonny after the boxer Sonny Liston, because of his affinity for boxing. Sonny is a 59-year-old cisgender Puerto Rican (self-identified) heterosexual male of the Roman Catholic faith. He resides independently in an apartment where he is responsible for the payment of his rent and bills. Regarding his employment, Sonny is unemployed due to his current symptoms which involve delusions of his physical ability to box competitively or sing professionally. Lastly, Sonny’s presentation is that of a well-dressed individual wearing clean clothes that fit well and correlate with his cisgender identity. During the sessions, Sonny had a relaxed affect reflected by his ability to sit without avid movement in his chair and little to no hand or arm movement. His voice also reflected his relaxed affect as he spoke calmly and with a moderate pace of speech. He also appears to be physically well as he is able to navigate his body with apparent ease and shows no discomfort throughout the sessions. He also is able to hold his thought for an extended period of time without pause presenting a high cognition level. In addition, he also is a capable historian when describing his personal time-line of events which in sum provides data of his current high cognitive ability. Although his responses seem to be misguided, this is considered to be due to his symptoms of delusion. Presenting Problems. Sonny is
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