A Comprehensive Energy Policy Platform For A Candidate Running Presidential Election

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The following paper is a comprehensive energy policy platform for a candidate running the 2020 presidential election. This candidate is considered to be a centrist when it comes to energy policy. They have liberal and conservative ideas depending on the issues. Overall, the candidate would like to instate a plan that preserve American energy independence while also becoming a leader in the international green energy market. Cutting taxes for green energy companies, instituting a carbon tax, revitalizing the nuclear energy market and raising CAFE standards for the automotive industry are the cornerstone pieces of this policy. Long term goals include phasing out all coal plants, reducing dependence on natural gas, developing affordable…show more content…
To combat this, the candidate would expand nuclear power. The funding for this would come from cutting fossil energy programs and the revenue generated from the carbon tax. In addition to creating nuclear reactors, the increased funding will also pay for the uranium to be shipped to France for regeneration. Creating a nuclear infrastructure is important in regaining public trust in nuclear power. Without public backing, it is unlikely that the new nuclear plant can get the necessary permits to be built The new nuclear power plants will all be federally run by the Department of Energy. The price of the energy will be exactly the breakeven point because there is no incentive for the government to make a profit because they are funded through taxes. This will keep the prices of electricity low to satisfy the customers. Regulations will be extremely high to prevent against disasters and to calm citizens about the dangers of nuclear energy. Based on 2016 estimates from the EIA, to completely replace coal energy with nuclear alone, 1.24 trillion killowatthours of nuclear energy will have to be generated. This would equate to roughly 13 new nuclear reactors the size of the Palo Verde nuclear power plant in Arizona. In reality, more than 13 plants will be needed to save on
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