A Comprehensive Financial Statement Analysis On Google Inc.

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A Comprehensive Financial Statement Analysis on Google Inc.
Christopher Gouty
ACC205: Principles of Accounting I (BAG1527B)
Instructor: Brandy Havens
August 3, 2015

The information from Financial statements is used widely by both external and internal users, including investors, creditors, managers, and executives. These users must analyze the information in order to make business decisions and making right decision about the investment opportunities in a company, so understanding financial statements is of great importance. Several methods of performing financial statement analysis exist. This paper is primarily aimed to provide a detailed analysis of the financial statements of Google Inc., selected as a publicly traded company in United States.
First of all a short discussion about the company’s history, its products and services, its industry and competitors is provided in the section named ‘Company Overview’. In the next section, the comprehensive three year income statement and balance sheet analysis is presented. The meaning and importance of horizontal analysis and a visual presentation of the horizontal analysis using the items of income statement and balance sheet of the company as Google Inc. is detailed.
As the ratio analysis is a fundamental necessity of evaluation a firm’s financial and operational soundness and overall performance, the successive section is dealt with ratio analysis of the company. The meaning of the ratios used for

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