A Comprehensive Leadership Approach On Leadership

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A Comprehensive Leadership Approach
Thoughts on Leadership
Just the thought of leadership excites me. This is because I became very interested in the topic of leadership, immediately after I joined the United States Army in 2003. As a civilian, without any job experience, I had never been formally exposed to leadership, although, in retrospect, I was surrounded by family and community leaders. There are numerous sources that depict leadership. In this writing, I describe my thoughts on leadership in terms of my definition, management and leadership and what I think is the action and responsibility of the leader. It is my hope that by reading this paper, then conducting further research, followed by practical application, that the reader will begin to have a more comprehensive view of leadership. I would hope that the reader is fully able to view the impact and impression that a leader can actively choose to make on followers within their organizations, and that the choice is made to lead with passion, intent, and commitment.
One main fact concerning leadership is the fact that all leaders have followers. As a leader, one has to have at least one follower, that act on the leader’s guidance. Does it take a special person with certain external characteristics such as height, extraversion, or charisma?
Or does it require a more skills approach, wherein leadership is learned through experiences and education? In order to further discover the application of leadership, I must…
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