A Comprehensive Leadership Program Is A Critical Part Of Any Educational Structure

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Many educational facilities recognise the value of effective leadership in a scholastic environment, and subsequently adopt and endorse a range of theories as an effective means of providing additional support and influence for both staff and students, and further to work towards achieving common goals (Reeves, 2006). A comprehensive leadership program is a critical part of any educational structure, where the motivation, inspiration and influence of staff are the central focus (Reeves, 2006). It is developed with support from both the community and school administrators, with the ideals of implementing processes that will result in the educational benefits of students on many levels. Successful school leaders possess a range of personal, …show more content…

Transformational leadership, whilst being value-based and vision-driven, utilises a process of influence with intentions, in order to build school and community aptitude, in addition to staff morale (Leithwood, Harris and Hopkins, 2008). Transformational Leadership was initially presented by James Burns. He describes this style as being identified when “leaders and followers make each other advance to a higher level of mortality and motivation” (Burns, 1978). Morale and motivation are increased by leaders who successfully inspire the followers by means of positive motivation, role-modelling and engagement via effective communication. Seligman (2011) further supports the concept of success being led by positive motivation and positive emotional involvement. He extends his research on positive psychology, outlining how optimism, combined with transformational characteristics, enables people to grow, and subsequently enhances the process of change and transformation.
Burns (1978), Seligman (2011) and Leithwood, Harris & Hopkins (2008) all identify the need for leadership to uphold a collaborative approach, with the leader showing an understanding of emotions, values, standards ethics, with the ultimate distinction being a drive towards achieving long term goals. This in turn is supported by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs,

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