A Comprehensive Prenatal Care Program

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There are many expecting mothers in our society that are very unware of what steps to take to ensure that they maintain a healthy environment for the developing fetus. In the case of Tano and Lonita, they are a couple of struggling immigrants who are working hard to get by. Unfortunately for them are some resources that are not made available to them due to socioeconomic status. However, there are many steps they can talk in order to eliminate the risks of a low birth weight, or preterm labor. One step would be to attend a comprehensive prenatal care program that are known to improve birth outcomes in situations such as Lonita’s. Another way would be for Tano to become more involved with Lonita and keep a strong bonded and caring relationship between them. The last solution would be to apply for government aid programs to improve financial situations. In Lonita’s situation, Tano is making enough money to make it just above the poverty line, this makes it extremely difficult to pinch their pockets and pay for medical examinations. To avoid a stressful nine months, it is best for them to find a comprehensive health care program available in close proximity to them or in their area. These programs educate expecting couples on how to stay motivated and empower their children so they have a greater, and more successful outcome than they do. Attending these programs would inform Lonita on the fact that when she has flu-like symptoms, she should not self diagnose herself and…

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