A Comprehensive Psychological Assessment At Bradfield Hospital Mental Health

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Julie Coldwell, aged 25, has been referred by her General Practitioner to myself at Bradfield Hospital Mental Health Unit, where I work as a Clinical Psychologist, due to concerns about her physical and mental health from her job. Ms Coldwell is a trainee manager in a supermarket. Recently she has felt that work is taking a toll on her, and hasn’t been feeling herself. She has reported symptoms of extreme fatigue whilst working, and has made mention of difficulty sleeping. She worries about being fired due to her poor performance at work, which she says has become progressively worse over time. Ms Coldwell is concerned that her work colleagues are judging her due to her performance and discussing it when she is not present. Consequently, she is finding it very difficult to go to work.

Ms Coldwell has given informed consent to complete a comprehensive psychological assessment in order to determine a diagnosis and treatment. Key considerations to be addressed are her sleeping difficulties, fatigue, worries of how others evaluate her, and her reluctance to work. As limited information has been issued, additional background information is required to complete a comprehensive psychological assessment. This includes a request to her General Practitioner for her medical history, as well as relevant personal history (brief description of her childhood, adolescence and adulthood, relationships with others, family, educational and work history, any history of substance use, and…

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