A Comprehensive Satellite Health Clinic

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An organization such as the Pocahontas Memorial Hospital (PMH) is established to be a primary care source for a rural community, serving 5% of the state’s population (Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, 2013). PMH wishes to deliver compassionate care and promote healthy lifestyles through working collaboratively with other healthcare facilities, and delivering adequate patient education, while sustaining financial viability (Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, 2016). This organization would like to offer a comprehensive satellite health clinic within Pocahontas County, as the strategy to intervene existing weaknesses and threats to the health of the community of Pocahontas County.
A comprehensive satellite health clinic will reduce admissions, as well as re-admissions to the current single hospital within the county. This extra resource will reduce the possibility of competitors moving into the area, specifically those from neighboring hospitals that could bring the needed services that PMH is lacking and looking to provide. Additionally, consumers feeling forced to travel out of the area for care, or those facing the potential of being transferred out of the area due to the severity of the case as a result of inadequate primary and preventative care, or lack of space will diminish through these efforts.
Hurdles in Implementation
With the existing trend of shortages in healthcare providers and professionals, the recruitment and retention of this type of staff in a rural area may…
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