A Comprehensive School Counseling Program

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Foundation A comprehensive school counseling program is needed to function effectively in the service of children with respect to race, gender, age, socioeconomic status, social/personal development and academics. With a paradigm shift in how counselors respond to students, the focus has turned from what Bowers calls “entitlement to performance.” In an effort to implement a comprehensive program this high school has been identified as a candidate This high school has an enrollment of approximately 2000 students; 49% white , 32% black, 10% Hispanic, 5.4% Asian or Island Pacific, 3% Multi racial and .6% Native American. Additionally, 17.3% of students are classified in a special education program, and 24.8% of the student population has free or reduced lunch. The student suspension rate was 2.2% with no expulsions during the past school year. What are some of the concerns with this school? Large numbers of individuals who do not perform well on standardized tests. They also have no experience with volunteering outside of two or three clubs. In preparation for careers they are not adequately prepared to fill out an application, write a resume and effectively perform well in an interview. Our population of underrepresented students have an issue connecting with teachers creating a disconnect with their education and desire to want more for themselves. We have to create a culture of individuals who are career ready and not scrambling at the end of senior year trying to find out
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