A Comprehensive Stress Management Plan Based On The Following

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1) Develop a comprehensive stress management plan based on the following:
a) Identify four major ongoing stressors in your life. For each stressor, describe why it is a stressor for you. You need to discuss a variety of areas such as personality, lifestyle, self-talk, and/or beliefs.
b) For each of your four stressors describe how you know when you are stressed. What specific indicators or symptoms do you use to determine that you are under stress? Your indicators of stress may be physical symptoms, mental/emotional changes, or behavior changes. Include in your answer, how different levels or type of stress has different and/or more stress symptoms.
c) Describe coping techniques that you have tried that did not help you cope with your
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Always the procrastinator, time management is another stressor for me. I have yet to determine the appropriate way to prioritize and complete tasks efficiently and in turn, feel regularly pressed for time as well as stressed about tasks that haven’t been completed. The text has also helped me to realize just how illogical my current belief system is, and how much these beliefs and thoughts contribute to my stress levels (Blonna, 2012, p. 32). I have a tendency to jump to worst-case scenarios and be extremely hard on myself, thinking I’m “just too dumb” when I don’t immediately understand a new concept, or “I am the worst pet parent – my cat is going to die!” if my cat happens to have one more treat than recommended on the bag. This consistent negative self-talk reflects in not only my confidence, but also my relationships with people in my life. I’ve also realized that negative news stories are a significant stressor for me as well. Hearing about tragic events, such as the recent story about a woman who shot and killed her own daughters, spark a major stress reaction in me that can last for the rest of the day (Evans, 2016).
For the majority of my stressors, my key indicators that I’m becoming stressed are an increased heart rate and an increase in
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