A Comprehensive Stress Management Plan Based On The Following

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1) Develop a comprehensive stress management plan based on the following: a) Identify four major ongoing stressors in your life. For each stressor, describe why it is a stressor for you. You need to discuss a variety of areas such as personality, lifestyle, self-talk, and/or beliefs. b) For each of your four stressors describe how you know when you are stressed. What specific indicators or symptoms do you use to determine that you are under stress? Your indicators of stress may be physical symptoms, mental/emotional changes, or behavior changes. Include in your answer, how different levels or type of stress has different and/or more stress symptoms. c) Describe coping techniques that you have tried that did not help you cope with your stressors. Explain why each of these techniques did not work for you by giving examples. Include in your examples the circumstances and the reactions of yourself and others. Your answer must include at least 3 techniques. d) Choose and explain stress management techniques that can help you cope with each of your four stressors. Do not use the same techniques for each stressor. Your answer must include at least four different coping strategies and the circumstances when you have or plan to use them. For each stressor take into account: techniques or lifestyle behaviors that can prevent a stressor from occurring; techniques that can change your thinking about the stressor; ways to calm yourself or change the situation while the stressor is
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