A Comprehensive System Integration Service

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Case Corporation, a producer of agricultural equipment identified the need for a comprehensive systems integration service. Upon acknowledging such a need, it became evident that in order for Case to continue to thrive in the agricultural market it must leave its comfort zone in pursuit of a systems integration service. Before doing so Case must assess the fit of the organization 's current competencies against the changing needs of the market. Therefore, the success of such a systems integrator is contingent on several factors, including Case’s relationships with their dealers, the level of trust between them and the consumer, current financial capabilities, and their global presence.
The dealers, critical members of the Case team handled much of the inventory, assessed the credit of potential buyers, “missed church on Sunday” to fix broken equipment during the planting season, and handled all of Case’s used equipment (Case Corporation, 1997, pg. 7). Therefore, since the dealer has direct access to the consumer they are better able to assess the needs of the farmer. Many farmers have developed long personal relationships with their dealers, and were as loyal to the dealers themselves as they were to the product; to most customers, the dealer was Case (Case Corporation, 1997, pg.8). The dealer who has developed such working relationships can provide unfiltered information that cannot be otherwise obtained. Case can capitalize on such relationships by advising with the

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