A Comprehensive Technology Plan for Teachers and Students

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A comprehensive technology plan for teachers and students Technology has indeed transformed the way we learn and the way we are taught. The main aim of having a comprehensive technology plan is to effectively incorporate technology into the classroom for the sake of attaining academic success. In this reflective essay, I explain how I would use a comprehensive technology plan in increasing the efficiency and productivity of students and teachers alike. Via the use of technology, the academic world would easily interact at a more efficient level, work more productively as well as gain an easy access to the relevant information. The use of technology would result in the connecting of classrooms with better and more information technology elements/resources. This would allow the students and teachers to be connected with the general community, other schools, libraries and even governments on a global scale. Technology would also allow students to be motivated in order to become active and experimental learners. My integrated and yet comprehensive classroom technology plan would therefore allow for an increase in the level of efficiency as well as productivity in both the students and teachers. My comprehensive classroom technology My comprehensive classroom technology involves the use of technology in the provision of courses, monitoring of performance, marking of tests as well as the delivery of academic performance results to the students as soon as the marking is over.
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